Starting a Successful Crowdfunding Platform: Part Four the Successes of Closed Loop Marketing

Congratulations on creating your crowdfunding platform and promoting it but it’s imperative that you not get complacent. Part three discussed the importance of maintaing momentum and the next step is to gain traction and, more importantly, display this momentum to your network. By doing so, you will instill confidence in current and potential contributors.

Go_For_ItConfidence is key when promoting a platform. Your goal as the creator is to promote and lobby for your cause. In order to do so you must start from square one. Look back at what got your platform into the position it is in today and build on that. Formulate answers to the questions: What got you here? What strategies were useful? How did you execute it? Creating marketing strategies by answering questions like these will pull you along a stronger path of success. Now, let’s dive into proven and useful marketing strategies such as blogging to keep your platform growing at a vigorous pace.

Blogging is an extremely useful tool to keep your audience aware and informed about relevant ideas and current events. In order to keep your clients up to date, blogging on a consistent basis is key. This can be shown by releasing posts on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday on related crowdfunding news and company progress. By blogging on a regular basis and integrating keywords you expand the company name. Check out these google search results for keywords relevant to Launcht such as, white label crowdfunding, equity crowdfunding and crowdfunding software. Finding your own relevant keywords specific to your platform will aid your marketing advancement by driving traffic through your site.

To help get you the most traffic, we recommend you reference this list of key stats about when the most social media engagement takes place on line. For blogs, the earlier you post them the better because it allows more people to read them throughout the day. Studying the tendencies of internet traffic can make or break your blog because the content isn’t relevant if it is not being read. To help amplify the post and get it on track to spreak virally, you must spread links to your post through social media.

You can also get your post spread through other blog sites such as and to your followers on Twitter and Facebook. While using other sites you can liberally reference your mission and integrate the previously mentioned keywords, which will increase your publicity. You can also pursue guest appearances as a blogger on other websites, expanding your name and brand further. All of these efforts translate to increased traction, impressing and ultimately expanding your clientele.

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