American Idol is Using Crowd Voting, Why Don’t You?

Crowd voting is a tool used to grasp the community’s perspective on topics, immediately  increasing awareness and crowd input in business decisions. According to an Outside in Marketing article, “Crowd Voting leverages the community’s judgment to organize, filter and stack-rank content such as newspaper articles, music and movies.  It is the most popular form of crowdsourcing, which generates the highest levels of participation”. The key here is that crowd voting initiates communication amongst a community or amongst potential customers while providing input on products.


Another great example of crowd voting is engagement with hospital patient communities. Specifically, the University of Michigan’s health team was recently given an award for its crowd voting campaign that sought “to amplify the voices of patients with stories to tell and problems to solve through improved access to their health data”. This will allow them to “uniquely engage the patient community to teach what patients most want to do with their clinical data by crowdsourcing application ideas and incorporating patients in product design”. Crowd voting served as a method of improvement for the University of Michigan’s health team, allowing them to gain perspective and utilize it for their benefit.

Similarly, the benefits of crowd voting can be translated to corporations such as Ultra Light Startups, and their Future Energy initiative. Future Energy hosts an open innovation competition, utilizing crowd voting to discover renewable energy and energy efficiency ideas. This company networks startups and founders across the northeast “dedicated to helping technology startups grow their businesses and become successful”. With support from Launcht, Ultra Light Startups used crowd voting to engage people between and during their pitch events. Spencer Taylor, Chief of Business Development and Co-Founder of Launcht, believes that through crowd voting the “the engagement and interest from the community in a given event is magnified increasing its value and its visibility for stakeholders”.

These three examples show how crowd voting has heightened the publicity of these events, increasing their value and usefulness.

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