The Expansion of Crowdfunding for Film

The idea of Crowdfunding has expanded through the likes of social media as well as other outlets including film. The idea is simple. A screenwriter, director, or producer needs funding to create their product. That is where crowdfunding comes into play. Crowdfunding allows for these industry players to fundraise their projects. This trend has begun to catch the eyes of major labels within Hollywood and major film festivals across the country looking for innovative ideas and interested in the test of market worthiness that is proven through a crowdfunding campaign. Although they paid too much to use Kickstarter, the recent success of the celebrity crowdfunding campaign for the Veronica Mars Movie is a good example of how crowdfunding has taken off in the movie industry.

index_01Following on the success of this film production fundraising model, the first International CrowdFunding Film Festival will be held this October in San Francisco. This will benefit the crowdfunding industry, as well as the artists seeking support for their projects. The intention of the ICFFF is to “bring artists, filmmakers, and video game creators to join this phenomenon”. To learn more check out their website. The ICFFF is an organization led by Sydney Armani whose intention is to educate artists on the opportunities created by the crowdfunding industry. As she stated in a recent press release, “They are not only artists but more importantly, entrepreneurs — they are seeking to touch the world and make a difference through their films. We know of their struggle to find financial backing and I believe crowdfunding will be the answer”.

This exciting event is an ideal scenario for the use of a white label crowdfunding platform. Such a platform will allow for flexibility to accommodate such an events multiple fundraising needs under a single branded site specific to the festival.

We look forward to hearing more about the upcoming festival and are excited to see the results of this timely initiative.

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