Inside the Life of an Intern; Launcht Style

Hello, World. My name is Alexandros (Dros) Stefanakis and as a new member of the Launcht blog, I want to introduce you to who I am and what I will be updating you about in the future.

To begin, I am an American of Greek decent as well as a Greek citizen from birth. Carrying a twenty-letter name is not a burden many people are lucky enough to hold, and that is why I am proud to carry this daily weight on my shoulders. My nationality and upbringing, from being born in Greece to moving to Cambridge, MA, is a characteristic that I take pride in. Regardless of the current economic and political hardships in my country, I return every summer immersing myself in the culture and attempting to bypass the stereotypes associated with being a fourth generation Greek. HoRVfHowever, not to completely fool you, I was brought up in the diverse city of Cambridge, which is known for its prestigious universities and its surprisingly debated zip code. I describe myself as a product of the diverse and knowledgeable Cambridge niche, which has faced many hardships in the past few months stemming from the events of the Marathon.

That is enough about me. Now to my new exciting position with Launcht. I will be routinely updating you on the current success stories of Launcht, as well as relevant crowdfunding events. Therefore, my goal is to get the word out to you, the public, and stimulate your interest on the subject of supporting university crowdfunding, crowdfunding for nonprofits, incubators and others.

In addition, I want to stimulate my interest on the subject and I intend to gather support and expand the Launcht brand. I look forward to informing you all in the future, until next time!

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    I am trying to reach someone on the team.

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