Starting a Successful Crowdfunding Platform: Part Three Maintaining Momentum

Congratulations! Your platform has launched; your name is in the space, and you are ready to go. The last piece of the Platform Success puzzle involves continuing your outreach efforts and finding new avenues to success to ensure you do not become a one-hit wonder.

The site launch is a milestone, not an end point. It marks the transition from the planning stage to the execution stage. As soon as you have executed–launched your platform–you enter the experiment stage as well. If you have planned your platform well and done the necessary outreach before you launch, the early days of the site should be very exciting. That said, keep track of what works and what does not. Utilize tools like Google Analytics to see what is gaining the most traction and what is getting ignored. Do not be afraid to change your strategy. Test out different ideas–Facebook outreach, individual contact, promotions, value-adds, consultation. See what people respond to, and always think of it as experimenting to build your product and improve your site. It is a dynamic industry, and every platform serves a unique purpose and niche. As such, you are entering mostly new territory and must write your own recipe for success. You can look to other platforms and big names in the industry for inspiration, but focus always on what makes the most sense for you. Listen to your clients–both your campaigns and the funders–to see what works and what they believe needs improvement. These are the people who define your success, so take their input seriously. The more dynamic and responsive you are willing to be, the more value you can add to your clients’ experience with your site.

You are beginning a second phase of a very exciting journey. Continue your outreach efforts and try to see every success and failure as a learning experience. Your technology problem is solved; now you must focus your efforts on marketing and building out your brand.

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