Launcht Attends SECON 2013

This weekend, Launcht attended the Harvard Social Enterprise Conference to catch up with some of today’s biggest social change-makers and to celebrate the theme, “Create. Connect.

Commit.” In typical entrepreneur fashion, Harvard pushed through serious adversity to hold their annual Social Enterprise Conference the day after Nemo, the city-stopping blizzard that swept through the East Coast on Friday night and Saturday. Though the attendance was less than expected, what they sacrificed in numbers they made up for in quality. Tracy Palandjian, Jacqueline Novogratz, and Ben Rattray all showed up to deliver their keynote addresses, and between the speeches, the conference hosted a number of successful panels and workshops covering topics from technology in K-12 education to social impact bonds to the need for measurement to scale social good projects, and many more.

Much of the conference focused on ways to increase social entrepreneurship and what is required to encourage others to join in on social good projects. Some of the main themes that were reiterated throughout the day were the need for innovative funding approaches to make social enterprises viable and the need for social entrepreneurs and non-profits to run viable business models complete with accountability and economic strategies in order to scale up projects and help an increasing number of people. That being said, many speakers discussed the idea that data should not be used merely to prove success, but rather to find ways to be more successful.

Tracy Palandjian particularly touched on this, speaking about how philanthropy should not be used simply to do good, but to create a laboratory in which new models for social good can be tested for viability. In this way, people can continue to improve their approaches to social entrepreneurship in a relatively safe space before expanding concepts to a wider market. At Launcht, we hope that we can continue to help entrepreneurs find the funding they need to test out their strategies and work towards not only a better economic model, but also a better society.

For more information on creating a Launcht platform for social good, look here.

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