Launcht Listed as Top 10 Crowdfunders in Forbes Article

In today’s Forbes article “Top 10 Crowdfunders of 2013” Launcht was listed as a leader in  the 2013 crowdfunding market. The article discusses platforms that will be at the forefront of crowdfunding in 2013 and focuses especially on the potential rise of equity crowdfunding.

Though it is not yet legal, the hype is ever-growing as the date for its legalization looms closer. Launcht CEO Freeman White is sited in the article for being active in the community that is driving for equity crowdfunding to be legalized in a way that makes it accessible to the general public and to “non-accredited” investors–those making fewer than $200,000 in the next few years and having a net worth of under $1 million (not including the value of their home). Launcht is excited for what equity will bring, though in the meantime perks and donations-based platforms have been seeing a lot of success and will certainly continue to do so, regardless of what happens with the SEC.

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