Socially Responsible Projects Crowdfund on is continuing to support changemakers and socially responsible project leaders.  The crowdfunding platform gives these leaders the opportunity to raise needed funds and turn ideas into reality.  Currently, there are three promising campaigns featured on the site: Sandy Supplies and Logistics, which will use funds raised to provide support and supplies to Hurricane Sandy victims, Restore Art Effects, which hopes to restore communities in Kansas by restoring buildings, and The Modern Story, which aims to bridge the technological and narrative divide around the world.

Sandy Supplies and Logistics:

Hurricane Sandy devastated the East Coast, leaving over a hundred dead and millions without power.  The speed and scale of relief efforts, however, have been incredible – mainly due to the rise of social media and crowdfunding.  While traditional forms of fundraising, such as telethons and canned food drives, still provide significant levels of resources and support to natural disaster victims, the do not have the reach that the internet and social media channels have.  As we have seen from the relief efforts of the earthquake in Haiti and Hurricane Katrina, natural disasters draw together communities.  Social media channels, like Facebook and Twitter, and crowdfunding platforms, like, provide a space for family and friends of storm victims (and friends of friends) to share their support and donate resources.

The campaign run by the organization, Unemployed Army, hopes to raise money to support victims in areas severely affected and damaged by the storm – Far Rockaway and Long Island, New York.  Using the funds raised, a team of 15 will drive a passenger van filled with needed supplies to these communities.  The relief effort will have a lasting impact on families affected by the storm and will raise their hopes as they know that they have a strong support network.

Restore Art Effects:

Art Effects is an award-winning restoration company that empowers communities not only by restoring beloved buildings, but also by using local artisans to increase community engagement.  The company strives to preserve a community’s character and history by building on its architectural beauty and legacy.  Buildings tell the story of our past, present, and future and by restoring and preserving them, they retain a town’s cultural integrity.

Funds raised will be used to strengthen the company and help it maintain its mission to restore communities not only in Kansas, but across America.  The goal of the campaign is to strengthen the company as a restoration and preservation leader, provide a resource network to assist community members with their projects, train and employ local artisans, and renovate buildings that speak to the history of a town.  By supporting Art Effects, you will not only be restoring a company and saving jobs, you will also be empowering communities.

The Modern Story:

Modern Story is currently in its fifth year of operation.  The non-profit organization’s mission is to empower youth and educators around the world by bridging the technological and narrative divide.  Modern Story recruits college graduates from the United States to lead 6-month digital storytelling programs at inner city schools in Hyderabad, India.  The students learn how to effectively communicate and write compelling narratives about social issues surrounding their personal lives and communities.

So far, the Modern Story has reached 600 students who have produced 125 videos.  Funds raised on will be used to help continue the growth of the Modern Story Teaching Fellowship, sustain local employment for women interested in career education, and reach more students in Hyderabad.

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