Launcht Partners with CraftFund to Support the Craft Beer Industry

Launcht has recently partnered with CraftFund to create a crowdfunding platform dedicated to the burgeoning craft beer community.  CraftFund, based in Milwaukee, WI, hopes to support the growing craft beer industry by providing a platform to connect to communities and raise needed funds.  In many ways, crowdfunding and the craft beer industry go hand-in-hand.  Craft beer puts emphasis on the same values that crowdfunding supports: participation, shared experiences, collaboration, and community.  A crowdfunding platform devoted to the industry will drive these values and strengthen the relationship between consumer and producer.

Over the past several years, while the overall beer market has contracted, the craft beer industry has seen double digit growth.  The $8.7 billion craft beer industry is projected to continue its trajectory of rapid growth, especially since the millennial demographic is its key driver.  In 2011, there were 1,940 total breweries operating in the United States – the highest total since the 1880s – and hundreds of new microbreweries will be opening in the coming years.

Craftfund’s goal is to help these new breweries get the exposure and funding they need to be successful from the people who know them best–those in the community.  Currently, there are two campaigns from microbreweries in planning featured on CraftFund: Mischief Brewing, based in Peoria, AZ, and Scars & Stripes, based in Waco, TX.  The site is now accepting applications for campaigns related to the craft beer industry including: breweries, beer bars, hop farms, canning lines, publications, and events.

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