Co-founder Spencer Taylor attends CfPA Crowdfunding Boot Camp in Las Vegas

This week, the Crowdfunding Professional Association (CfPA) hosted their first annual crowdfunding conference in Las Vegas.  CfPA’s mission is to facilitate a vibrant and credible crowdfunding community.  To join together professionals and spread more awareness of the rapidly growing crowdfunding industry, CfPA held its first annual Crowdfunding Bootcamp this week in Henderson, Nevada.  The goal of the conference was to immerse attendees in the best practices of the new regulations for equity crowdfunding investment.  Attendees not only gained an understanding of the industry, but also how they can participate and make an impact.

Co-founder Spencer Taylor, along with other industry leaders attended the event to talk about the future of crowdfunding and coordinate with other industry professionals about future developments in equity and donation based crowdfunding. The conference was focused on the anticipation of what the industry will look like in the coming year with equity crowdfunding coming into the market place and being keystone to a new paridime of investment. Launcht looks forward to driving development in the industry and attending next year conference.

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