Launcht Selected as One of the Global Hot 100 Enterprises

Launcht is honored to have been chosen as one of the Global Hot 100 Enterprises by the World Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship.  Launcht is being recognized for our innovative crowdfunding and online voting software that has given universities, non-profits, online fundraisers, incubators, and startup platforms the ability to engage with their communities.

The Global Hot 100 enterprises include companies ranging from startups to multinationals.  These enterprises fall under one or more of the 7 themes of the World Summit: Technology, Communication, Education, Lifestyle, Cities, Energy, and Health.  Countries represented include, but are not limited to, the United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, Russia, Canada, France, and Germany.

The World Summit on Innovation & Entrepreneurship, where Launcht and the Global Hot 100 enterprises will be featured, will be held in Boston from September 26-28.  After the conference, the Global Hot 100 will join the innovation community at and be part of the “Innovation Mashup” on

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