From our Clients: inLieu Giving – Using Crowdfunding to Create a World Where Giving is Better Than Receiving


Below is another in our series of guest blog posts by our clients. This week we have inLieu Giving. Read below and get to know them and the wonderful mission and story that has brought them to launch their crowdfunding platform.


Hey everyone, we wanted to introduce ourselves: we’re inLieu, a new and socially responsible crowdfunding platform powered by our friends over at Launcht.

inLieu aims to change the way people give gifts by renewing the sense of intimacy and connectedness that it once had and improving its overall effectiveness through the miracle of crowdfunding. We do this by redirecting monetary gifts from birthdays, weddings, graduations, and all other life events to your favorite charitable cause through our crowdfunding platform.

This new tool called crowdfunding has been making big waves recently. We think the reason for its growing popularity is pretty simple. It is a tool that allows you to tell your story to a broader audience and create a community around something that you are passionate about. This makes something that could have been special for just a few people, special for a large group! The more people, the more donations, the more love, what could be better?

As for our story, we were first introduced to crowdfunding back in January when Geoff, CEO at inLieu, was faced with a monumental task: raising $20,000. Why did he take on such a huge undertaking, you may ask? Here’s Geoff’s story:

Geoff’s story really began in October when his father passed away from a five-year battle with cancer. His father, Robert Terrence Weathersby, was a psychology professor at Eastern Universiry located outside of Philly. To honor his memory and give back to the school that gave so much to them, the Weathersbys decided to raise money for a fund that would give one exceptional psychology student at Eastern a $1000 scholarship each year. In order to do this, they were faced with the enormous task of raising $20,000. The solution that they chose was crowdfunding, an innovative way to rally a crowd of people around a common cause, and rally they did. Geoff and his family ended up raising over $20,000 over 60 days and fully endowed the fund in memory of his father. Forever more, Professor Weathersby’s memory will live on eternally in the form of a bright, youthful and eager student.

So we don’t know about you, but we think that helping to spread some joy and give back to the world that has given us so much is pretty incredible. After Geoff’s story proved to us the true power of crowdfunding, it became our mission at inLieu to provide you with the opportunity to give the institution of gift-giving a much-needed wake-up call. We believe that gift-giving has reached its mid-life crisis, getting a little chubbier, more fatigued, lacking the spark it once had as a buxom young lass. Gifts have gone from thoughtful, touching gestures to impersonal, generic formalities. So, we ask the question: why not dedicate your birthday and someone’s life for the better in the process?

So here we were at a crossroads, we had a vision, an idea, and community support, but what we lacked was the platform to carry them through. After months of doing our research and discussing how we were going to make our dream a reality, we discovered Launcht. The reason we chose Launcht as our technology provider was simple: not only do these guys offer an amazing and customizable product, but they are also a pleasure to work with. inLieu may have never come to fruition without Launcht, and for that, we are very grateful.

That’s our story. We’re inLieu. If you want to chat, we’re always around. Feel free to drop us a line at and “like” us on facebook!

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