Launcht Partners with the William James Foundation

The William James Foundation has partnered with Launcht for the second year in a row to provide an opportunity for socially responsible entrepreneurs to engage their communities, gain support, and raise funds for their companies.  The top three fundraisers will automatically be accepted and qualify for the William James Foundation’s Sustainable Business Plan Competition.  The platform will go live on October 5th, 2012, and companies will have 30 days to raise funds. The 2012 competition is building of the success of the Foundations 2011 crowdfunding competition and promises to make an even bigger impact on the success of participant businesses.

Kerri Murphy, Chief Operating Officer of the William James Foundation, gives her thoughts on the partnership:

How does Launcht’s crowdfunding platform fit into the William James Foundation’s Sustainable Business Plan competition?
The WJF is excited to be working with Launcht for a number of reasons.

First, it allows our entrepreneur entrants to test out their ideas by launching a campaign around their ventures and seeing how much support they can build. The supporters they gain are champions of theirs, which is great since champions are a part of success.

Second, it allows our entrepreneur entrants to raise funds for their ventures. Even a small amount might make a huge difference for a team that is just starting out.

Third, our staff loves reading the business plans that are submitted, but the Launcht platform allows us to see entrants in a way that a business plan doesn’t allow for.

Finally, it’s a way for us to add another layer to the competition itself, since the three teams that raise the largest amount of funds are given free entry into the competition.

What type of business are you most interest in having apply to the competition this year?
Since the WJF is looking to build the field of sustainable business and social enterprise as a whole, we make the qualifications for our competition very simple. The main qualifications for entry are being for-profit company that has a defined social and/or environmental goal built into how they make money and is in the planning stages or considering revamping their business model. These business plans can be submitted by anyone anywhere in the world.

You can find the full list of qualifications and how to enter here.

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