weBike Crowdfunds on Launcht.org

WeBike is a new and innovative way to think about bike sharing.  WeBike replaces the traditional station-based concept of bike sharing with a simple and affordable model that literally allows you to “Bike, Share, Everywhere.”  The station-less model uses an electronic bike lock and is powered by mobile and web-based technologies. Users will be able to locate, check out, and return thebike anywhere in the community.  This model would be extremely beneficial to smaller markets where it would be too expensive and inflexible to install bike stations; places like colleges, small towns, and residential communities.  Funds raised will go towards creating a new prototype for a bike lock that will create a unique combination for each ride.  With this new lock, WeBike will be able to increase reliability, operate more securely, and lower costs.

WeBike has done a great job crowdfunding on Launcht.org.  The talented team, Allie Armitage, Vlad Tchompalov, Yasha Portnoy, and Brad Eisenberg, have shown their creativity, passion, and energy.  Since the start of the campaign, weBike has effectively used their social media channels, Twitter and Facebook.  They were also able to get their blog post “The Future of Bike Sharing” published on the Huffington Post earlier this month.  These efforts have helped weBike connect with their community, raise funds, and gain visibility.

Only one day remains in weBike’s crowdfunding campaign.  Click here to show your support and help the team reach 100 funders.  Do this, and you may receive a one-of-a-kind rap video.

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