Amazon Will Not Work With New Crowdfunding Portals

A recent WIRED Post highlights a case where Amazon decided to turn off its service to a new crowdfunding portal that focused on getting funding to authors Denial Stamppublishing books under a creative commons license. The speculation about Amazon’s motivations is broad. Some of their statements point towards a shift towards not working with any new crowdfunding platforms. Other statements from them seem to point to this being a specific matter related to crowdfunding for the publishing of books. Notably, some of the largest crowdfunding platforms on the internet use Amazon to process their payments. There are no indications that Amazon is considering cutting off service to these larger more established crowdfunding sites.

We’re quite happy that we use to process all of our transactions and they have recently gone on record to show their support for the crowdfunding industry. We use their service because of their strong security features, unparalleled support, and strong commitment to crowdfunding.

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