WePay Discusses the Crowdfunding Wave

The integrated credit card processing system WePay, which Launcht uses for its own Launcht.org platform as well as all of its white label platforms, recently gave a Podcast interviewwith crowdsourcing.org’s Eric Mack on their experiences powering crowdfunding payment systems. Launcht has had an excellent relationship with WePay for its many platforms. Here is a quick synopsis of Bill Clerico’s interview.

WePay serves as our integrated credit card processor.

WePay found that their model was natural for crowdfunding platforms, and began licensing their API to several crowdfunding sites. Speaking of the momentum for crowdfunding today, Bill Clerico had this to say: “It just feels to me like we are on the cutting edge of a huge wave…. Our whole lives we’ve been contributing to various things to buy a friend who’s sick a gift or something like that, and I think the internet sort of expands the circle of all these communities so that instead of collecting money from 5, 10, 15 friends, you can collect money from 1,000 people, or 10,000 people, or 100,000 people.”  By leveraging the power of the crowd, there’s a clear multiplier effect in the amount of funds raised.

WePay allows hosting sites to customize their processor, which allows crowdfunding contributors to smoothly transition from a campaign page to the funding page. For campaign managers, WePay also uses a simple, straightforward, single-page sheet. It’s both secure and easy to fill out. Launcht has received positive feedback from users on how easily transactions are processed. We look forward to a sustained partnership with WePay moving forward as WePay and crowdfunding continue to grow.

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