Food for Thought: Kevin Lehman on Three Revolutions

This post was contributed by Kevin Lehman, CEO and Co-Founder of ThreeRevolutions.coma food and farm crowdfunding platform powered by the Launcht System. Enjoy his post and visit to see what it’s all about. 

“Two Guys in Vermont” is one of many campaigns on the Three Revolutions platform.

When people ask me to describe Three Revolutions, I often stop and think to myself. “How is the best way to phrase this?”

I could tell them about how Three Revolutions is the world’s first crowdfunding platform for farm and food ventures. We directly connect customers with the people who produce their food. I could tell them that the significance of the Three Revolutions’ name is our vision to spark innovative changes in the space where food, friends, and funding converge. I could also tell them how Three Revolutions fills a void in funding options for food and farm ventures.

Of course, I’d want to mention a few of our exciting projects, which include vital honey bee research, one man’s quest to bring rice farming in Vermont, a new line of local soups, a mobile Kombucha “tap room,” plus another 20 in the 3R pipeline.

Sure, I could mention all of this. But why go into such detail when such a complex question can be answered with one sentence:

“Three Revolutions is about putting your money where your mouth is.”

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