Launcht partners with The Mutual

The MutualLauncht is very excited to announce a partnership with The Mutual that will reward all funders of campaigns on Launcht and our white label platforms with discounted membership to The Mutual!

The Mutual is a social enterprise that rewards people for donating to charity with Perks from great brands. Crowdfunding is all about the perks and thanks to The Mutual Launcht is giving you more.

Daniel Vallejo, CEO and Co-Founder of The Mutual is excited about the partnership and notes, “Launcht is a natural fit for us. Launcht donors have already chosen to support a social project. We want to reward them for that and encourage them to continue that positive behavior. Together with Launcht we’re able to create more positive social action.”

The discount on membership with The Mutual will be claimed through a specific discount code provided in the thank you email to all funders on the Launcht platform starting very soon. For now, feel free to learn more about Launcht and The Mutual.

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