Inside Launcht: Michael Campbell on Launcht and Crowdfunding

After graduating this May from Middlebury College, Mike Campbell is joining the Launcht team to help us add bandwidth through the summer months.  This is the first post in a series where Mike will act as an imbedded reporter, providing the public with his view of the goings on at Launcht. Today we asked Mike to tell us a few thoughts on his first day as well as how he got involved with Launcht.

I arrived at the Cambridge Innovation Center early Monday morning with a new-intern nervousness so recognizable that the doorwoman immediately singled me out for a guest pass.  After getting my key card, sitting through a rehearsing of the building rules, and finding my way to the fifth floor, I met the Launcht team.

First thoughts:

  • Spencer and Freeman are going to be awesome to work for.  They’re intelligent, focused, and passionate about the work they’re doing.  They’re also good with explaining complex concepts.  Beyond that, they’re fun people.
  • The workspace is unreal.  We’re in a coworking space next to MIT’s campus, and it’s as if the building were a playpen for new businesses.  The kitchens are fully stocked (cereal, hummus, fresh fruit and veggies, a soda machine that lets you pour the syrup before the seltzer), the view of Cambridge is great, and there’s a lounge area with sofas, a Wii, and an Xbox.  I had worked in five different places before this one, from a fast casual dining place to a classroom to a U.S. Senate office building, but I’ve never seen anything like this.
  • Freeman and I are going to have to avoid eating the entire stock of Peanut M&Ms each day.  This might be a constant struggle.

A little about me: I’m a recent graduate of Middlebury College, where I studied International Studies with a focus on European History.  I’m interested in social entrepreneurship and socially responsible investing, but I’m also hoping to work on some volunteer projects this summer. Starting in the fall, I’ll be working with The Reinvestment Fund, which is based in Philadelphia.  In the meantime I plan to help Spencer and Freeman as they bring Launcht to the next level this summer. 

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