CEO Freeman White to Speak at JOBS Act Investment Summit

Launcht CEO Freeman White will speak at the JOBS Act Investment Summit this July in Santa Clara, CA.  The Summit, which takes place from July 25-27, is the leading crowdfunding conference for professionals involved in start-ups and entrepreneurship, providing much-needed updates and information on the JOBS Act (Jumpstarting Our Business Startups).  Participants at the JOBS Act Investment Summit have the chance to discuss new equity crowdfunding opportunities with the frontrunners of the crowdfunding community.  Presenters at the Summit range from directors of venture capital firms, such as Victor Hwang of T2 Venture Capital, to business law firms, such as Ellenoff, Grossman & Schole LLP, to crowdfunding entrepreneurs like our own Freeman White.

CEO Freeman White will speak at two different events at the Summit, first during a presentation series that features Founders and CEO’s from a variety of crowdfunding websites, and later during a panel discussion titled “The Investment Community Perspective: How will Crowdfunding Play Out?”  The panel discussion deals with the potential opportunities arising under the new legislation – as well as potential perils.

We at Launcht would like to offer our readers a discount of 15% off your registration for the Summit.  Go to and enter the code 1210115 to register and receive the 15% off.

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