Tell the SEC to Stick With The Bill on Crowdfunding

The SEC has started the initial public comment period on each of the different components of the JOBS Act. They need to know that the legislation on crowdfunding is solid. If they add more red tape to the crowdfunding process, it could regulate crowdfunding out of existence.

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to tell the SEC to stick with the regulations already drafted in the crowdfunding part of the JOBS Act.

We are reviewing other elements of the JOBS Act not related to crowdfunding and recommend some changes as follows:

  1. We believe that emerging growth companies for the purposes of the IPO On-Ramp should be classified as those with less than $100 Million in revenues, not $1 Billion. Click here if you agree.
  2. We believe that the SEC should have the right to regulate the involvement of stock analysts in IPO investment sales calls, to preserve their presumed impartiality. Click here if you agree.

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