Crowdfunding for Your Nonprofit

Nonprofit work isn’t just for bleeding hearts anymore. It has evolved into its own competitive industry—thanks, in large part, to online crowdfunding.  The research firm Massolution found that crowdfunding raised $34 billion in 2015 (a 167% jump from the year before). In 2016, according to their findings, crowdfunding could exceed venture capital firms in total dollars raised. The growth- and-development mindset has taken over, and it’s not going anywhere.


For some, those numbers can be intimidating. No wonder it feels like you need to be a designer, marketing expert, and software developer just to keep your nonprofit above water. You know you need to jump on the crowdfunding bandwagon. But the amount of advice and information out there is overwhelming. You can’t spend half the year’s budget on a developer for one campaign. So how do smaller organizations, with no dedicated marketing or IT staff, navigate the world of information overload and digital everything? Launcht can help simplify the process with our white-label crowdfunding software.


What is “white label” crowdfunding software, exactly? Basically, it’s the framework for your crowdfunding site, like a blank template. We handle the back end, development, and support to provide a platform that your nonprofit can then customize with drag and drop tools.


Plus, as a pioneer in the field, Launcht knows what works (and what doesn’t). Our crowdfunding platform offers all the features your nonprofit needs to run a successful fundraising campaign, including:

•          Media capabilities: visual media like pictures and video create an instant connection with your audience. A compelling video pitch, in particular, is almost guaranteed to bring in more donations.

•          Social media integration: continuously engage with your donors and supporters online during your campaign. Tip: it’s helpful to plan out and schedule your posts, keeping the tone and content consistent, thoughtful, and relevant.

•          Donor retention: one of the ultimate goals of crowdfunding is to enlist repeat donors—the ones who contribute regularly, outside of big fundraising events and campaigns. Because Launcht appreciates the work you do, we provide recurring donation functionality as one of several package upgrades for nonprofit organizations.


We understand that many nonprofits simply don’t have the budget to hire high-priced developers and designers. With the Launcht platform, you don’t need any technical experience or specialized skills to create an awesome crowdfunding page—Launcht takes care of that for you with a ready-made solution that’s user-friendly and built to help your nonprofit succeed while we at Launcht also strive to help you better understand how crowdfunding works, how effective the crowdfunding community is and how to bring a creative projects to life.

Ready to take your nonprofit’s fundraising to the next level with Launcht? Contact us today!



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Welcome to the newest addition to our team Emmanuel Onuoha!

The Launcht board would like to announce a very exciting addition to the Launcht staff, Emmanuel Onuoha who will be joining Launcht as our new General Manager. Emmanuel has worked with Launcht for a number of years as a contractor and technologist but we could not be more pleased to have him sign on in his new roll.

EmmanuelAs the General Manager Emmanuel will bring both this technical expertize, his business development and leadership experience to bear on our clients and product. We look forward to introducing Emmanuel to all of our clients and are excited to be a part of the growth and innovation that he will create here at Launcht.

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Oberlin College Launches their Crowdfunding Site

We here at Launcht could not be more pleased to have Oberlin College as a new Launcht Client. Have a look at their new platformOberlin College Crowdfunding that is using our new Skyline layout!

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Freeman White Moves On From Launcht

I’m writing to let you all know that I need to step away from Launcht for personal family reasons. Launcht will continue to serve its clients to the utmost and will now be led by my valiant co-founder Spencer Taylor who will be taking my place as CEO.

Seeing Launcht grow to serve a broad range of successful clients with industry leading technology has been the greatest professional achievement of my life. Growing and striving with the Launcht team has been a profound joy and education; I am humbled by what each of our clients, partners, vendors, and team members has accomplished to date and I look forward to seeing all that they will do in the future.

Looking back over the past four years there are many highlights that stand out. In almost every case, these moments were sparked by a client using our software to do something that touched the lives of people in their network in new ways. These examples proved to the Launcht team every day that there is a huge demand for our product and that it can catalyze existing networks to achieve new things in ways that have not been possible before. We pioneered the white label crowdfunding space four years ago and I know that Launcht will continue to lead.

Leaving the company I co-founded has been an incredibly difficult decision for me to arrive at, but now it is the decision I have made and I am looking forward to the future. Please feel free to connect with me via LinkedIn if you would like to stay in touch down the road.

A note from Freeman’s Co-Founder and the CEO of Launcht Spencer Taylor

Needless to say we are sad to see Freeman move on from Launcht. We both built this company together and have pour ourselves into it over the last 4 years. All of us here at Launcht wish him well in his new endeavor.

Looking forward and most importantly the Launcht team is as excited as ever to work to continue to grow the company and push Launcht to be the best company in the business. Stay tuned for news and milestones as we continue to grow.

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Launcht Client Vassar College Featured in Fundraising Success Magazine

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 1.26.57 PMCongratulations to Vassar College. Their success in educational crowdfunding continues to make waves in the fundraising space with this recent Fundraising Success Magazine article titled Big Data, Crowdfunding and the Fundraising Technology Craze

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Reflecting on a Whirlwind of a Crowdfunding Internship

When I accepted Freeman’s offer to join the Launcht team as an intern back in February, I had little idea what I was getting myself into. I was familiar with crowdfunding — mainly, I will admit, with the big third-party platforms — but I wasn’t sure exactly what this white-label thing was all about, or what it had to do with “Democratizing Access to Capital.”

Then I got my first blogging assignment — an interview with the founder and CEO of CrowdFranchise that turned into a two-part post on the blog — and it all started to click.

Even before I had begun to acclimate myself to the industry, crowdfunding was connecting me with people who were doing real, cutting-edge work in their fields. These were people who wanted to talk about the social impact of their organizations just as much as their financials.

In the hours of industry research and headline-monitoring that I have done since then — as trends and fads would come and go through the industry — I have seen time and time again that the core model of donation-based crowdfunding shines brightest. Colleges and universities, businesses and other organizations all across the globe are making their own success with crowdfunding, realizing that small donations from many can lead to something great.

That’s why “Democratizing Access to Capital” isn’t just another meaningless corporate slogan; it comes astonishingly close to describing the daily work of people in this field.

So while many of my peers will leave their summer internships with jaded cynicism about their ability to contribute to anything significant, I leave mine with an entirely new skill-set and a whole lot of hope for the future of this truly unique industry.

I have realized over the past six months that there will always be a place for crowdfunding in this world, because there are a lot of projects that just don’t fit very well with traditional models of financing. These projects, it turns out, tend to be the ones most worth doing.

Signing off.

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Weekly News Round-Up: Another Big-Name University Takes to Crowdfunding

As the summer starts to heat up, so does the crowdfunding news. While you were enjoying the Fourth of July weekend, we were monitoring the headlines and scouring the blogosphere for the latest crowdfunding developments. Here are a few highlights:

“Super PAC to End All Super PACs” Reaches $5M Crowdfunding Goal

MayDayJust last month we reported on, a campaign finance movement launched by Harvard professor Larry Lessig to combat the growing role of Super PACs in American political finance. kicked off two rounds of crowdfunding this summer, raising their initial $1 million goal in less than two weeks back in June.

Now, less than four weeks later, they have soared past their larger $5 million goal — which they raised from over 50,000 individual donors — to arrive at the final sum which Lessig intends to use as funding for five candidates in the 2014 election cycle who have demonstrated commitment to campaign finance reform.

The success of is showing that crowdfunding is a viable alternative to less transparent financing models, and proves that larger-scale crowdfunding campaigns are not only possible, but effective.

UC Berkeley Announces Crowdfunding Platform

The University of California, Berkeley announced earlier this week that it is in the process of creating a self-hosted crowdfunding platform. The platform — which will be the fourth of its kind in the UC system — will provide a venue for students to seek funding for their research and other projects directly from donors.

With the announcement, UC Berkeley becomes just the latest university to embrace the self-hosted crowdfunding model in order both to increase the flow of funds to campus and to publicize student work. These platforms range from voting systems for student pitch competitions to alumni fundraising campaigns, and can be used to fund students directly — as UC Berkeley has chosen to do — or indirectly through the administration.

To learn more about bringing crowdfunding to your campus, check out college and university crowdfunding solutions from Launcht.

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A Look at the International Crowdfunding Market

The vast majority of the news stories that we cover on the blog are centered in the United States, and rightly so: the North American continent accounted for $3.7 billion of the $5.1 billion global crowdfunding market in 2013, according to the Wall Street Journal. The lion’s share of that amount was raised in the U.S..

But did you know that over a quarter of the world’s crowdfunding market is in China — second only to the U.S. — and that countries all across the globe have passed their own J.O.B.S. Act-style legislation legalizing equity crowdfunding? Clearly there are things going on overseas that are impossible to ignore.

After European banks reined in their lending habits in the wake of the global recession, the E.U. has found a badly needed source of investment in crowdfunding. Europe has emerged as a haven for progressive equity-based crowdfunding ventures, capitalizing on a more lax regulatory environment than currently exists in the U.S..

Meanwhile in Asia, crowdfunding has come on strong in just the past year. While many of the most popular Western platforms do not operate on the Asian continent, locally-grown platforms like Pozible have led to viable crowdfunding markets in China and, increasingly, Japan.

The latest good news out of Asia is that regulators in India recently announced that their country was passing legislation to legalize and regulate crowdfunding for small businesses.

As home to over half of the world’s population and over a third of the global economy, Asia could be just the market that crowdfunding needs to continue its expansion over the next decade.

To learn more about creating your own customized crowdfunding platform, check out white-label crowdfunding solutions from Launcht.

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Weekly News Round-Up: More Problems with PayPal and an Update on Civic Crowdfunding

The upcoming July Fourth holiday means that it’s a well-deserved short week here at Launcht, but that doesn’t mean we’re taking our eyes off of the crowdfunding newswires. Here are a pair of storylines that have been getting press over the past few days. Whether you’re headed to a sunny beach for the holiday or to your mother-in-law’s backyard barbecue, you can feel good about staying up to date on the latest developments in crowdfunding.

PayPal Freezes Popular Crowdfunding Campaign

Online payment processor PayPal ruffled some feathers earlier this week when they suddenly froze nearly $300,000 raised in a single crowdfunding campaign by Swiss encrypted email service ProtonMail.

While PayPal offered a cryptic explanation for their actions, media outlets have been critical of the payment processor’s off-and-on relationship with the crowdfunding community, which has involved countless incidents of campaign-freezing that critics decry as inconsistent enforcement.

WePay LogoLauncht works with PayPal competitor WePay as our payment processor of choice. We have long felt that WePay not only has a superior payment API for crowdfunding, but also understands the crowdfunding industry better than PayPal does.

Civic Crowdfunding in the Headlines

Civic crowdfunding has been getting some press recently as a potential remedy to funding shortfalls for community works. Many of these headlines revolved around The Civic Crowdfunding Project, a two-year study on the effects of civic crowdfunding conducted by MIT.

While civic crowdfunding isn’t exactly a new idea, the number of individual community-focused platforms springing up on the web — and the number of campaigns that these platforms attract — has reached a peak over the past several months.

Here at Launcht we have a lot of experience with civic crowdfunding. Most recently, we partnered with Brooklyn’s Prospect Park Alliance to help them raise over $28,000 for park maintenance.

If you’re interested in learning more about launching a civic crowdfunding platform, take a look at white-label software from Launcht.

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Youtube’s Creator Features and the Future of Platform-Free Crowdfunding

Less than a month ago, I reported on a few recent crowdfunding developments which suggest that the industry is headed in the direction of favoring platform-free services over the traditional platform-based models that consumers are so familiar with.

Now add another big tick-mark to the platform-free column.

Late last week, Youtube unveiled a slate of new features for content creators that features a self-hosted crowdfunding option. That option — which will allow creators to solicit “tips” from fans in order to fund future projects — makes Youtube the biggest name to have jumped into the crowdfunding plug-in fray, further signalling that businesses and organizations are increasingly unwilling to let the crowdfunding that their sites trigger slip away to third-party platforms.

The plug-in model originated with built-in WordPress platforms like IgnitionDeck and gives sites added flexibility to conduct crowdfunding campaigns on their own sites without the often-strict oversight of a platform, while also providing financial benefits to larger campaigns — all hallmarks of the platform-free model.

While crowdfunding plug-ins are not completely platform-free, they are shifting the industry in the direction of decentralization, providing another alternative to the big platforms which increasingly fall short of meeting users’ demands. Perhaps more importantly, though, they are proving again and again that the market is ready for crowdfunding models that are truly platform-free.

Youtube appears to have realized that crowdfunding has the potential to add value to its business, creating a marketplace of creators and fans that all revolves around Youtube’s home site and branding. That a company which holds over a 40-percent share of its market sees crowdfunding as crucial to its ongoing marketing strategy should be a signal to marketers all over the web that the future of crowdfunding is platform-free.

Interested in learning more? White-label software from Launcht has everything you need to make platform-free crowdfunding a part of your organization’s online presence.

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